Welcome to the Calgary Rock & Lapidary Club!

We are a non-profit hobby organization interested in all aspects of the Earth Sciences and Arts. This includes geology, mineral identification and collecting, paleontology, fossil identification and collecting, archaeological stone-age work, field trips related to these things, lapidary shaping and faceting of display and gemstone quality items, tumble polishing, jewellery settings, metal forming, and more.

Founded in 1959, the CRLC is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, in close proximity to many world-class fossil treasures and fossil-fuel sources. Our Studio space and club activities are mainly funded through our operation of our annual CRLC Gem, Mineral & Fossil show.

Please check our club event Calendar to keep up to date with special programs, monthly meetings, jewellery and lapidary classes, our workshop, and field trips.  New members are always welcome! Please check our Membership page for full details and instructions.

CRLC Jewellery Studio

There are many things that can be achieved in the jewellery studio area, techniques like:
  • Stone setting
  • Enameling
  • Fabricating: making your own rings, chains, bracelets, pendants etc
  • PMC (Precious Metal Clay)
  • Texturing
  • Metal forming
  • Silver Soldering

CRLC Lapidary Studio

Below are just some of the projects that can be completed in the workshop:
  • Cutting and polishing a cabochon.
  • Cutting and polishing geodes and nodules.
  • Cutting and polishing slabs/slices.
  • Cutting and polishing precious stones for mounting in jewellery.
  • Preparation and cleaning mineral specimens.

Use of the Jewellery and Lapidary Studios are available for any member on drop-in nights for a small charge, or is available at any other time for Studio members.