Studio Use

Our CRLC Studio opened in February 2016.  This light industrial bay facility has 2 levels. The ground level contains workspace, tables and a variety of rock cutting, grinding and polishing machines. The upper level is a jewellery studio with workstations and equipment for a variety of techniques.

jewelry studio crop

Jewellery Studio

Using the Studio:

Structured CRLC classes have their own costs that cover use of the Studio. (See the CRLC calendar for scheduled classes)

For CRLC members wanting to use the Studio and its equipment outside of structured class time, there are presently two options:

Option 1) Drop-in Sessions

The most common way to access the equipment is during drop-in sessions on some weekdays and evenings. For $6 each time, members may attend a drop-in session to work on projects. Informal mentoring from other members may be available during these times.  See the CRLC calendar for dates of the drop-in sessions.

Pre-paid Drop-ins:  If you will be attending many drop-in sessions, you may pre-pay the following fees for unlimited drop-in access during the calendar year.

Single $ 144
Couple $ 180
Family* $ 216

Option 2) Steward Volunteering

For experienced members desiring private project time, they may volunteer to supervise a minimum of 10 drop-in sessions per year.  In return for this volunteering, stewards are permitted to access the workshop on their own, assuming the workshop is not already booked for classes and meetings.  Stewards may not use any equipment with which they have no familiarity.  If you are interested in being a steward, please contact a board member or Contact Us.

Steward Fees: For your first year of stewarding, the following fees apply.  If you are able to volunteer for a minimum of 10 drop-in sessions during the calendar year, then your fee is covered for following year.  Steward fees are prorated.

Single $ 144
Couple $ 180

*Family is defined as: up to 2 accountable adults, plus however many dependents under 18.


Members using the equipment are responsible for general cleanup. Areas that become dirty such as saws should be wiped down for the next user.  Any equipment requiring repair or maintenance should be noted and tagged.


A Safety orientation and walkthrough of the Studio is required before using the equipment.  The basic orientation does not include formal hands-on skill development with the equipment.  This orientation is required for all members planning on using the workshop.  Members should not use any equipment that they are not familiar with.

For skill development, inexperienced members are encouraged to take a structured CRLC lapidary and/or jewellery class (or from other educational organizations) and/or see if mentoring is available during CRLC drop-in session nights.

Lapidary Studio

Lapidary Studio

Orientation Includes:
  • Sharing the layout of the workshop along with important features like fire extinguishers, safety equipment and first aid supplies.
  • Brief explanation of lapidary tools:
    • general tool use: Poly Arbour, Genie/Pixie, Polisher, trim saws
    • general inspection: know when equipment is not functioning
    • general safety: toxic rocks, water use, etc.
  • Brief explanation of Jewellery Tools:
    • general tool use: torches, solder, pickle, polish, jeweller’s saw
    • general inspection: know when equipment is not functioning
    • general safety: flame etc.
Rock Saw Usage
  • Saw training is required before using.  This brief training covers the use of trim saws and larger saws.