Our CRLC Studio opened in February 2016.  This light industrial bay facility has 2 levels. The ground level contains workspace, tables and a variety of rock cutting, grinding and polishing machines. The upper level is a jewellery studio with workstations and equipment for a variety of techniques.

jewelry studio crop

Jewelry Studio

Costs for Using the Studio:

Structured CRLC classes will have their own costs that cover use of the Studio. (See the CRLC calendar for scheduled classes)

For CRLC members wanting to use the Studio and its equipment outside of structured class time, there are presently two options:

  • Drop-in: Tuesday and Thursday evenings have drop-in sessions with a $5 members fee to work on projects. Informal mentoring from other members may be available during these times.  Guests may sit in the kitchen area for no charge, but only paid members may use the equipment. See the CRLC calendar for dates of the drop-in sessions.
  • Studio Fee: For members desiring even more casual project time, an optional annual Studio Fee may be paid atop the general membership fee  to allow workshop access at hours fitting their schedules. It also allows them to use drop-in session time without paying the drop-in fee. Members paying the Studio fee must still schedule around time the Studio is being used for structured classes, meetings, etc as booked in the club calendar. Members paying the Studio may not use any equipment with which they have no familiarity.


Safety orientation walkthroughs on the Studio and the equipment is available on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.  The basic orientation does not include formal hands-on skill development with the equipment.  This orientation is required for all members planning on using the equipment.

For skill development, inexperienced members are encouraged to take a structured CRLC lapidary and/or jewellery class (or from other educational organizations) and/or see if mentoring is available during CRLC drop-in session nights.  New members who are already experienced with lapidary/jewellery equipment can discuss what level of orientation is needed or not with CRLC stewards.

Lapidary Studio

Lapidary Studio

Level 1: General Use

  • Familiarity of building security, first aid kit and safety equipment
  • Lapidary Tools:
    • general tool use: Poly Arbour, Genie/Pixie, Polisher, trim saws
    • general inspection: know when equipment is not functioning
    • general safety: toxic rocks, water use, etc.
  • Jewelry Tools:
    • general tool use: torches, solder, pickle, polish, jeweller’s saw
    • general inspection: know when equipment is not functioning
    • general safety: flame etc.

Level 2: Complex and Dangerous equipment

  • Saw training is available on the first Monday of the month (check the Calendar).  This brief training covers the use of trim saws and larger saws.