Tech Tips

Google Drive

What’s there:  371 documents including Journals from 1965 to present.  More documents coming.

Basic:  No Google ID required.  Access our documents from the website link under Library.

Advanced:  Sign in with a Google ID and download the desktop tool to create a synced copy of all the files to your own computer.


Board and Show Committee members have access to other files on a separate system.



What’s there: always know when our next meeting or workshop is.

Basic: viewable from the website link.

Advanced:  Integrate into your personal calendar (ie phone, Shaw, Outlook etc) using this iCal link:
I have personally succeeded with an old Android phone, Shaw webmail, and Outlook.



What’s there: two separate pages, one for CRLC and one for our show.

Basic:  access without an ID for viewing all posts and photos.

Advanced:  sign in to Facebook to enable commenting and posting.

CRLC page:

Show page: