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  1. Cindyl Arnold


    My name is Cindyl Arnold and I am a teacher at Lake Bonavista School in Calgary. I teach grades 3 and 4 and with the school year about to kick off, I have been thinking about ways to get the kids excited about our upcoming study on rocks and minerals. Is there a chance that there is somebody in your club who is interested in visiting a classroom, sharing their knowledge and passion, maybe bring in some artifacts? Even if you might be able to point me towards another organization that you are aware of that might be interested?

    Thank you kindly!
    Cindyl Arnold

  2. Jim Vincent

    Good Morning,

    I used to be involved with the CRLC many years ago and actually won a trophy for my mineral display in 1967. Since then, my work and other interests have taken my time; now I have grandchildren who are interested in the same hobby.

    For this reason, I am looking for a couple of showcases similar to what we used to use back in those days- approximately 36″W x 24″D x 24″H.

    Can you give me any idea of where to find these or who to call?

    Thank you,

    Jim Vincent

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