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CRLC members are planning a “do it yourself” trip to the annual rock show in Quartzsite Arizona in January 2017.  Members will drive or fly themselves and reserve their own hotel or free camp. We will arrange to meet up in Quartzsite and likely at the Sun City West Lapidary Club in Phoenix.

There are numerous rock shows in the Quartzsite area, but the one that has been recommended to us is the QIA PowWow Show with 520 booths, January 18-22, 2017.

Accommodation is free dry camping or hotels in nearby Blythe, California.

Quartzsite is located about equidistant between Palm Springs, Las Vegas & Phoenix, so you could fly into either of those places.  Or it’s about a 3 day drive down the I15 from Calgary.

Other area Activities and Rockhounding:

The Hauser Geode beds and Opal Hill commercial fire agates are nearby.

Tuscon also has numerous rock and gem shows in early February.  Quartszite tends to be cheaper, but Tucson has a huge number of small shows all at the same time.

More to come…


  1. Holger Hartmaier

    It is worth noting that there are several ongoing rock and mineral shows in Quartzsite that bracket the QIA PowWow show. Desert Gardens goes from January 1 to February 28, Prospectors Panorama (Jan. 2-15), and Tyson Wells (Jan 6-15). In addition, there are numerous flea market type dealers set up semi-permanently in Quartzsite with a variety of materials.

    I still managed to get a room at the Super 8 in Quartzsite around the time of the field trip, but availability is getting limited, so if you are thinking about going, book soon!

  2. Barry Rogers

    The dates of the Both Tucson (month of Feb) and Quartzsite (Jan 18 to 22). They are made up of many small shows in the same city. In both places you require a map and a car to get from one to the other. The Barret Jackson Car Auction and show is Jan 14th to 22nd well worth going to for car buffs. It is cheaper the first day $10 and $60 the last day. Google QIA show and Tucson Gem Shows for more detailed info.

    Lisa is now the field trip coordinator and will look after the actual agenda. Confirm with her that you are going, the sooner the better to set up an good field trip.

    When I get down to our home in mid October in Sun City (North east greater Phoenix) I will set up a meeting date with the Sun City Lapidary and Silver Clubs if Lisa thinks our club would like to see these clubs to learn about how they are organized, run, and controlled. They have many experts in each club and the clubs have existed for about 60 years. I am a member of the Lapidary, Woodworking and metal working clubs in Sun City.
    During the Quartzsite show I will be camping with our trailer in the desert about 6 miles south of Quartzsite with some Knappers from Washington, Oregon and Montana as the desert is big you all are welcome to join us. There are NO services so you will need a trailer or motor home with a toilet or wait until you get back to Quartzsite to use public facilities. After Christmas I will give you the gps coordinates and written instructions on how to get there. I will leave Sun City late on the afternoon of Jan 13 or early Jan 14 to go to the desert camping area and you can follow me if you want.
    I found the Tucson shows to have a little more than Quartzsite especially
    The Rare Earth Rock and Gem shop in Cave Creek Az, just north of Scottsdale sells a fantastic array of minerals and gems and is well worth a visit just to view the displays. They sell for about 10 times the cost of similar things in Quartzsite but have a much better high end selection. Google it for more info.
    I expect to add more detail on other activities before Christmas once I am in Sun City and contact people in the Rockhound clubs etc.
    Let Lisa know what other activities you would like to do or know of.

    • Valerie

      Can anyone discuss what the road conditions may look like traveling with our trailer to AZ in January and the possible route? Up to now we have only driven in warm weather.

      • Barry Rogers

        I15 is the best route by far. Much of I15 from Great Falls Montana is around 6000 ft especially from Butte to Idaho Falls so you must watch the weather closely. After Idaho Falls the road should be fine. I have never driven it in the winter but friends of mine have several times and they watch the weather. We drive from Canmore to Butte and stay at Chez Walmart for free and then plan to get to Salt Lake City between 10 am and 2 pm or after 6 pm to miss the rush hour traffic. Going through Salt Lake take the Legacy bypass which is much quicker and stay at Chez Walmart in Springville right beside I15. I15 is a major highway very well maintained but can still be blocked for a day or so in the winter, so look at the weather. It is 507 Google miles from Canmore to Butte or we drive in Oct it takes us 11 1/2 hrs to get to Butte on good roads. Butte to salt Lake is 416 miles, it takes us about 7 1/2 hr. If you would like to discuss this further call me 403 678 5041 which rings in Canada and our place in Sun City. We leave Oct 11th. Barry

  3. Stefan

    We were contacted by the ALAA – American Lands Access Association, which is a rockhounds group that works to keep public land open for rockhounding. They wanted to notify us of their garbage cleanup on some BLM land near Quartzsite on Jan 22, 2017.
    More info:

  4. Barry Rogers

    I just return from a rock hunting trip with some locals, excellent day 70 F light wind and very dry. Left a 8 am and were back by 3.30 pm. I picked up about 300 pounds of red jasper and 100 pounds of Onyx. Just travelled about 20 miles NE of our place in Sun City. We had some locals from the Bell lap club as guides and helpers, they had ATVs but I drove everywhere with my 4×4 truck but I would not recommend driving on those roads and trials with a car. Excellent day and we stopped in Cave Creek for a beer on the way home. I have pictures to attached mostly of the Jasper dyke site but I need someone to teach me how to attach.. I look forward to hearing who is coming on the Quartzsite Field trip. I can arrange guides to rock hounding sites but I need to Know what people would like to look hound for. As I have mentioned before I will camp at Quartzsite free in the desert with other knappers from the North Western states. All are welcome to join us.

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