Photo Contest: Deadline Oct 31, 2016

Our First Annual Photo Contest is now open to Calgary Rock and Lapidary Club members.  You are allowed to enter a total of 6 photos.  First prize in each category is $30 and second prize is $15.

Photos will be categorized into the following groups for judging:

  1. Macro photography, close ups.
  2. Finished Stones, Jewelry etc.
  3. Rough stones, minerals etc.
  4. Outdoor Rocks and Formations
  5. Show Theme photos: Crystals

Submit photos to Stefan.   After a few days, they will be uploaded to Flickr for viewing:


  1. Photos must be taken by a current club member.
  2. Photos are anonymous, so do not identify yourself.  No photos with people.
  3. Photos may have been taken at any time in the past as long as they have not been submitted in a previous year’s contest.
  4. You may crop and edit your photos.
  5. Your photo remains your property, but by submitting it you grant permission for it to be used by the CRLC for promotion and advertising on-line and in print.  Credit will be given when possible.


Email Stefan with the following:

  1. Make sure your e-mail includes your name
  2. Add any photo descriptions
  3. Attach one or more photos

Click through the current photos here:

All Photos