Club Mineral Collection

Club Mineral Collection – Holger Hartmaier, Feb 2, 2017

For many years, the CRLC mineral collection had to be stored, due to lack of permanent display space. The collection was usually put on display at the annual fundraising show, which was the only opportunity for club members to appreciate it. Now that we have our own workshop space, it is time to give the collection a more visible home.

Holger Hartmaier used the drop-in fee money collected from those attending his 12-part course in the Fall on rock and mineral identification to purchase two display cases. The cases are now set up in the entrance lobby area of the the CRLC studio. One case is filled with the minerals of the club collection (approximately 20 specimens). The other case is currently empty and is intended to be used by the general membership to display items of interest on a rotating display basis.

It is important to note that all of the present specimens in the club collection were obtained through the generous donations of club members, some of whom are now deceased. Documentation was lacking regarding donor and locality data on many of the specimens. For this reason, we are asking club members to pass on any information they may have concerning these specimens, so that we can update our records.

The Calgary Rock and Lapidary Club accepts rock, mineral and fossil donations, which will be used for display, study or fund-raising purposes, depending the type and quality of material, as well as any associated documentation. Locality data is typically lost on donated specimens, so it is vital that anyone wishing to donate material, make every effort to preserve labels and any other documentation associated with the material.

If you have any specimens you wish to donate or loan for display, please contact Holger or any member of the CRLC Board of Directors.