2019 Photo Contest

CRLC Photo Contest

Deadline: April 12, 2019

Submit digital photos to Ingrid


Bring printed 4”x6” photos to the CRLC Meeting on April 12

  • We will do our best to protect any printed photos given to us, but we cannot guarantee that the photos will be returned in the same condition as they were received. We will be attaching photos to a display, so tape will be used.
  • Please ensure your name, category and brief description is noted ON THE BACK of each printed photo.

Digital photos will be printed as 4”x6” photos.

All photos will be displayed to the public at the 2019 CRLC Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show.


  1. Macro photography, close ups. (Rock, Gem and Mineral related items only, please)
  2. Finished Stones, Jewelry etc.
  3. Rough stones, minerals etc.
  1. Outdoor Rocks and Formations


  1. Photos must be taken by a current club member.
  2. All photos in any category must be of a Rock, Gem or Mineral theme.
  3. Photos are anonymous, so do not identify yourself.  No photos with identifiable people.
  4. Photos may have been taken at any time in the past as long as they have not been submitted in a previous year’s contest.
  5. You may crop and edit your photos.
  6. Your photo remains your property, but by submitting it you grant permission for it to be used by the CRLC for promotion and advertising on-line and in print.  Credit will be given when possible.
    1. Hard-copy photos may be scanned into a digital file for this purpose.


For digital copies, email Ingrid with the following:

  1. Identify your category or categories.
  2. Files must be of format JPG, GIF or PNG.
  3. File size must be no larger than 1MB per photo.
  4. Images with watermarks or other identifiable markings will be rejected.
  5. Please crop your images to either a 4”x6” or 6”x4” relative size.
    1. Images that don’t fit this sizing will be printed with a black or white background (Costco’s choice) to make the image fit the photo paper.
  6. Please name files with your name and the category

e.g.  “Ingrid Eichelbaum – Picture #1 – Macro Photography.jpg”

“Ingrid Eichelbaum – Picture #2 – Outdoor Rocks.jpg”

  1. Maximum 2 photos per category (total 2 x 4 = 8 photos)
  2. List a short description in the e-mail for each photo filename

e.g.  Picture #1 – Crazy Lace Agate

Picture #2 – Mountains at Lake Louise


  1. Voting will be open to all people attending the 2019 CRLC Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show.
  2. Each person votes for their single favorite photo of each category.  In the event of a tie, the winner will be selected randomly from the tie.
  3. Winners will be announced at the May general meeting.
  4. All hard-copy photos (whether printed by us or submitted by you) will be returned to the members at the May meeting.

Prizes, in each category:

1st Place:  $30

2nd Place: $15