Workshop Use

Our new workshop opened in February 2016.  This new facility has space and equipment that is available for 24 hour access for authorized members.

jewelry studio crop

Jewelry Studio


For members that wish to use the equipment, a $100 annual Unlimited Access Fee is per family or couple and is added to the general membership fee to provide access according to the level of knowledge or training that you have completed.  You may not use any machines that you are not familiar with.


Free orientation on the qualifications below is available.  Members who can demonstrate that they already possess the qualifications are not required to take the orientation.  This orientation is safety training and does not include hands-on skill development.  Members are encouraged to take a paid lapidary or silversmithing class which will qualify you to use only the equipment used in the class.  To find out when training or orientation sessions are available, please contact Valerie at

Lapidary Studio

Lapidary Studio

Level 1: General Use

  • knowledge and location of building security, first aid kit and safety equipment
  • Lapidary Tools:
    • general tool use: Poly Arbour, Genie/Pixie, Polisher, trim saws
    • general inspection: know when equipment is not functioning
    • general safety: toxic rocks, water use, etc.
  • Jewelry Tools:
    • general tool use: torches, solder, pickle, polish, jeweller’s saw
    • general inspection: know when equipment is not functioning
    • general safety: flame etc.

Level 2: Complex and Dangerous equipment

  • This training is under development, but will allow the use of saws larger than the trim saws.