Volunteer to help out at the show.  Members can volunteer for 2 hour blocks and are eligible for free admission and volunteer prizes.

One Month Prior: (Saturday April 8th)
-Drive to trailer storage and get 3 show cases
-Set up and fill 3 display cases (with tables, drapes & signs) upstairs by the library

Arena Set up: (Wed May 3 and Thursday May 4)

-Purchase water, volunteer snacks and snacks to be sold
-A couple of people on Wednesday to drive the trailer to the site and tape out the floor plan
-Most volunteers on Thursday afternoon and evening
-Unload the CRLC trailer full of show materials, set up booth layout tables/curtains and other labour intensive duties according to floor plan.
-The CRLC members’ display cases gallery will be constructed, tabled, and wired for lights. (7 cases this year)
-Strong volunteers to move tables & chairs and set up display cases
-Signage goes up, Tables are set up with gear.
-Vendors set up in their booths. CRLC Information, Silent Auction, Tickets, Demonstrations finish set up.
-CRLC members with display cases must set up/finish setting up their case, supervised by Display Case Lead .


Show Cases: (Thursday May 4) (NEW)
-This year the show cases are limited to 7 on the floor and 3 up by the library
-Cases will be shared between people and will showcase the activities of club members and promote our club, workshop and classes
-Members only.  No prices.  Business card ok.  Cases are locked from noon Friday to 5pm Sunday and may not be opened.

Ticket Tables: (Friday/Saturday/Sunday)

-2 hour shifts. Looking for 4-5 volunteers per shift. Located just outside the arena entry in the hallway.(Stefan Gibbins is Lead)
-Taking money, making change, and handing out prize draw entry forms to attendees. (sitting job)
-Putting wristbands on paid attendees. Good task for younger volunteers (standing job)
-Giving out show pamphlets.


Information Booth: (Friday/Saturday/Sunday)

-2 hour shifts. Looking for 4-5 volunteers per shift. Located just inside the arena entrance.(Mostly sitting jobs)(Nancy Niles is Lead)
-Sell snacks to visitors (NEW)
-Giving out show pamphlets
-Giving kids a free gift (hopefully small tumbled rocks)
-Doing the Hourly prize draws (2 person task)
-Monitoring the prize draw barrel and tables (cleanliness, security, pens present)
-Recording donations for prize draws from the show vendors, inserting and extracting prizes from display case, setting prizes for hourly draws.
-Recording on board who won which hourly prize draw.
-Acting as Lost and Found station. (Items and perhaps small children)
-Show Announcements microphone use.
-Running errands
-Talking up the CRLC
-Acting as Central Volunteer Base. (equipment like electric cords, pens, tape, tools stored under table)
-Helping Memberships volunteer with forms and possible new members.
-Help Member Display Case Lead monitor display cases as needed.
-Help Demonstrations Table as needed.


Silent Auction: (Friday/Saturday/Sunday)

-2 hour shifts standing jobs. Mike O`Toole is the lead. (This is a fun, interactive fundraiser inside the show. If you have donations for the Silent Auction, please contact Mike)
-Setting up auction items on auction table under Auction Lead’s guidance.
-Watching bids and people at table so auction items don’t walk off.
-Timing auction rounds
-Helping people gather their winnings and take their money


Demonstrations: (Friday/Saturday/Sunday)

-Shifts variable to the demonstrator. Sitting and standing jobs.(Valerie Harty is Lead)
-Show off a skill at a table for the public attendees.
-Talk up the CRLC jewellery and craft classes.
-Demonstrators can`t sell at the table but they can put out advertising info for their wares.


Volunteer “Lounge”: (Friday/Saturday/Sunday)

-2 hour shifts. 1-2 people per shift (Mostly sitting job) (Lead to be Determined)
-change room delegated as volunteer rest area away from the hub-bub, where people can sit and have a drink or snack.
-Monitor the room for cleanliness and supplies.
-Monitor whatever Club equipment might be in the room, so it doesn’t walk off.


Volunteer Benefits!:

-Minimum 2 hour shift allows you free entry to the show and makes you eligible for volunteer prizes donated by the show vendors. Volunteer every day? Get free entry every day.
-Junior volunteers will receive letters for any eligible school volunteering credits their schools might offer.
-Volunteers helping with set up and takedown will have their names registered with the Tickets booth as eligible for free entry and for volunteer prizes.
-The Club continues to be able to lease our bay, maintain and expand our club activities.
Volunteer Coordinator: Stacy stacyglaubitz@gmail.com


  1. William Ottewell

    HI, I would like to put my name down for the Ticket table, or the Information booth for Friday, any time after 4pm.

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